The 100 Club of Central Texas - Executive Director

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Serves as Executive Director (ED) of The 100 Club of Central Texas (The Club); recommends and participates in the formulation of new policies, and makes decisions within existing policies as they have been approved by the Board of Directors (BOD).  Plans, organizes, directs and coordinates the staff, programs and activities of The Club to assure that objectives are attained, plans fulfilled, and member needs met.  Maintains effective internal and external relationships.  Through management and leadership, achieves economical, productive performance, forward-looking programming and growth of The Club.




Within the limits of the Article of Incorporation, Bylaws and Policies, and BOD direction, the ED is responsible for and has the authority to accomplish the following duties:


  1. Fully informs the BOD, Executive Committee (EC) and Officers on the conditions and operations of The Club, and all-important factors influencing them.  Attends all meetings of the BOD and EC.
  2. Plans, formulates and recommends, for the approval of the BOD, basic policies and programs that will further the objectives and operation of The Club.
  3. Implements all decisions of the BOD, except when other tasking is specified by the BOD.
  4. Develops, for the purpose of day-to-day administration, procedures and programs to implement the general policies established by the BOD.
  5. Establishes a sound organization structure for the staff.
  6. Directs and coordinates all approved programs, projects and major activities of The Club staff.
  7. Recruits, hires, trains and motivates Club staff personnel.  Responsible for all promotions and terminations (in conjunction with BOD approval).
  8. Obtains maximum use of Club staff by clearly defining duties; establishing performance standards;

conducting performance reviews and maintaining competitive salary structure.

  1. Provides the necessary liaison and staff support to committee chairs and committees to enable them to properly perform their functions.
  2. Executes such contracts and commitments as may be authorized by the BOD or established policies.
  3. Promotes interest and active participation in The Club’s activities on the part of the membership, and reports activities of the BOD and Club through the communications media of The Club.
  4. Actively seeks speaking engagements with community groups and media to promote The Club.
  5. Maintains effective relationships with other organizations, public and private, and ensures that the position of The Club and its members is enhanced in accordance with the policies and objectives of the organization.
  6. Develops and recommends (in cooperation with the Finance Committee Chair), The Club’s annual budget; and upon approval, operates within that budget.  Ensures that all funds, physical assets, and other properties of The Club are appropriately safeguarded and administered.
  7. Maintains an effective public policy program.
  8. Supervises an internal and external public relations program.
  9. Serves as the spokesperson of The Club in the absence of the Chair or as directed by the BOD.
  10. Coordinates and assists in planning, organizing and directing membership promotion and retention programs; evaluates results and recommends policies, procedures and actions to achieve membership goals. Collects dues and terminates delinquent members.
  11. Develops and supervises a program of volunteer development/participation.
  12. Supervises annual membership meetings, using appropriate and special event committees in the development of programs.  Ensures the smooth operation and completion of events scheduled by The Club.
  13. Exercises control of program budgets and arrangements to meet financial objects.
  14. Develops all organizational meeting agendas with assistance of the Chair and officers of the BOD; assures minutes are taken, transcribed and distributed in a timely manner; provides security for all files, legal and historic documents, membership and mailing lists.
  15. Is responsible for the planning, promotion, and administration of all official meetings, except committees of The Club.
  16. Develops, edits and reviews all communications to the general membership, which includes newsletters, website postings, social media communications, general mailings, new releases, advertisements, press releases, etc.
  17. Ensures the legal integrity of The Club.
  18. Carries out such other general responsibilities as may be delegated by the officers, Chair and BOD.
  19. Oversees and reviews the administration of investment accounts, survivor funds, and scholarship funds in coordination with the Chair of the BOD.




  1. The ED reports and is directly responsible to the BOD for the administration of The Club staff and proper execution and fulfillment of all functions, responsibilities, authority, and relationships.
  2. The ED is a member of the BOD and EC ex-officio, but without the right to vote.
  3. The ED or his/her designee serves as staff liaison to all BOD committees and assists with liaison between the committees, officers and BOD.
  4. The ED maintains personal contacts with members to the greatest degree possible.
  5. Maintains such relationships as the BOD may specify or as he/she may deem advisable in the best interests of The Club but in conformity with established policy.
  6. Maintains such relationships with 1st Responder agencies, local governments, public service organizations, and vendors as are desirable or necessary in the best interest of The Club and in conformity with the overall objectives and policies of the organization.
  7.  The ED is responsible for the security of confidential information as it applies to daily functions of The Club and its members.  Through the ED’s direction, The Club staff must also bear this responsibility




  1. Strong connections in the Central Texas for-profit and/or non-profit spheres.
  2. Heavily Involved in Central Texas community activities and relations.
    1. A Bachelor’s Degree
    2. Significant high-level management experience in the for-profit and/or non-profit sectors.
    3. Solid financial management skills, including budget preparation, analysis, and reporting
    4. Strong organizational management skills including planning, delegating, and task facilitation
    5. Ability to convey a vision of The Club’s strategic future
    6. Proven fundraising skills
    7. Ability to collaborate with and motivate others
    8. Strong written and oral communication skills
    9. Ability to interface with and engage diverse individuals
    10. Demonstrates integrity and ethical behavior.